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EmpowerHer with Lisa Ostler RN, BSN, NC-BC, FMN, RYT

EmpowerHer is a transformative space dedicated to fostering the holistic health and well-being of women. It serves as a platform for women to embark on a journey of learning, nurturing, and empowerment, both in-person and virtually. In the year 2024, EmpowerHer aims to be the catalyst for the rise of all women by laying the foundation for personal growth and empowerment.

The heart of EmpowerHer lies in its diverse workshops and series that cover a wide array of topics relevant to women's lives. From addressing health concerns like PCOS, Perimenopause, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Pregnancy, to providing a safe haven for processing grief and letting go, EmpowerHer goes beyond conventional boundaries. This inclusive approach extends to crucial discussions about healing from sexual and intimate partner violence, emphasizing that no topic is off-limits.

By offering a blend of in-person and virtual experiences, EmpowerHer ensures accessibility for women from all walks of life. The workshops and series serve as a guide for women to thrive, offering knowledge, support, and a sense of community. The intention is to create a space where women can not only confront challenges but also cultivate resilience, strength, and empowerment.

In the spirit of growth, EmpowerHer encourages women to plant their own seeds of intention, embrace personal development, and take control of their health and wellbeing. 2024 is the year for ALL women to rise, and through EmpowerHer, we will build the foundation for each woman to cultivate her unique journey towards fulfillment and empowerment.

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