Yoga is not about the Pose...

Updated: Nov 16

We hear this more and more on social media, podcasts, etc and believe me, I agree with this statement, so this post is not about Yoga-per se.

This post is about a woman learning to listen, push, release and grow in her own body.

This post is about a woman learning to not only fall, but to keep getting back up.

This post is about a woman who seeks out adventure, life lessons, and above all else-growth.

The above pose: Vrischikasana or Scorpion pose is a physical way for me to do all of the above and it is a pose that I have been working on FOR YEARS!

So yes, Yoga is not just about the pose.

My 'claim to fame' will never be a handstand, nor do I want it to be-I can offer the world so much more than that. Also, I cannot stick a handstand for the life of me. Maybe that will come in my 60s!

Yoga to me cannot be truly defined here and I believe it is represented differently in all who practice.

For me, Yoga helps me align my body, my mind and my breath. It helps me focus, even when the world is flipped upside down.

Yoga is a practice that has truly changed my life. It has changed how I show up in the world. It has helped me release so much of the negative chatter and imposter syndrome that live in the depths of my mind. Yoga has helped me release many fears and to believe in myself, especially in the area of public speaking and to stop taking myself so god-damn seriously.

The lessons that I learn on my mat, are all lessons that I am cultivating and nourishing off my mat; to align, to grow, to push, and above all else to enjoy the journey-as it just might take years.

As a Yoga teacher my hope is to help you bring these lessons of the mat and into your life. My hope is for you to find a little peace, a little growth and a little joy.

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