What Moon Are You?

As woman we are cyclical beings. We align with both the moon and with the seasons. Each phase gifts us more knowledge and inspiration.

Aligning with the moon takes on a much different learning curve and can be practiced by those who no longer menstruate.

I thought it would be the perfect time to break down the 4 phases of the moon and what it means when you align with one or the other. This is a beautiful practice to begin during these long and dark winter days.

Remember, for those that still bleed your menstrual phase will shift a couple times a year.

In your current phase you may align with the Full Moon, in six months you may align with the New Moon.

This is another gift from Mother Nature, a gift that allows us to notice different nuances and to learn even more about who we are in all phases of life.

For those that don't bleed spend one month journaling, write down your thoughts, emotions, interactions, and anything that you notice in your physical body.

At the beginning of the second month review your journal entries and note what came up during the New Moon and the Full Moon.

It is really that simple of a practice, but believe me when I say it is a profound practice.

What are the Four Phases of the Moon?

Now nothing is exact, as female cycles fluctuate with environmental changes and stress.

Red Moon Cycle

If you bleed with the Full Moon and ovulate with the New Moon, this is the Wise Women's cycle.

Women will begin to shift their cycle towards the Full Moon when they are birthing something new and creative.

Your energy is outward. Many Red Moon Women are healers and have a deep desire for self growth.

Red Moon women were once called witches as many feared their creativity and outward energy.

Pink Moon Cycle

If you menstruate closer to the waxing crescent moon you are full of enthusiasm, excitement, and growth. This phase is linked to the Maiden Archetype.

Purple Moon Cycle

If your period lands around the waning moon, you have a Purple Moon Cycle. Your energy is turning inward and you are focused more on self discovery, letting go, and reflection-which always reminds me of Autumn.

White Moon Cycle

If you menstruate with the New Moon and ovulate with the Full Moon you are a white moon and the Mother Archetype. You may seem more nurturing and matriarchal to those around you.

Honoring your period is cathartic, it is healing, and it is an empowering way to (re)connect with the wisdom of your body.

If you would like to learn more about your Menstrual Cycle and/or Moon Wisdom please reach out.

P.S....you do not need to be menstruating to link with the moon.

Many menopausal and post-menopausal women reignite their feminine power learning about the moon and how each phase makes little shifts within.

P.P.S....Empowering women is my passion and together we can make big changes.

With Gratitude,