What is your Soul Voice?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Soul Voice-your inner voice, your intuition, your guide.

Let your soul voice lead your way!

Here is a little of my backstory for context…

A few years back I signed up to take a Nurse Coach program through @inursecoach

I was drawn to this 6 month program for many reasons. The main being, that

as a Registered Nurse I was burnt out and the first 3 months of the program focused on how to cultivate self care.

Listening to my soul voice, I jumped in.

After graduating I meandered a little not truly knowing what my niche or focus would be.

Fast forward a couple of years and I started to notice changes in my Menstrual Cycle wellness. Tired of being told this is how it is or being prescribed hormones or worse, not even listened to; I took a deep dive in, learning and tracking, changing and growing.

In this time I learned so much about how I move through each month and began to see so many patterns.

Here I was coming back to my training as a Nurse Coach-seeing the importance of self care, self awareness and self actualization.

My Soul Voice spoke and again I listened.

I created a coaching program for women to learn their cycle, move with awareness each month and truly give to themselves.

This was me listening to my inner voice, my soul voice, even though it took me into uncharted territory, I began to speak up and find ease with this topic, conquering my own barriers and celebrating the many successes.

As we move into the season of change, the season of setting intentions and goals,

I ask you…What is your Soul Voice?



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