What I've Been Up To and Where I Will Be

Updated: Nov 16

These past few weeks have been gloriously hectic. Business is blooming and I have never felt more excited and reassured with the path that I have chosen. I have teamed up with local women owned businesses, powerful voices and aligned minds to help bring exciting workshops to Olympia, WA. Please take the time to check out each link below to peruse each offering. If something does not align with what you are looking for-maybe you know someone-please share and spread the word! Friday, April 29th 6pm-8pm True Self Yoga (Oly Westside)

$40 Members/$45 Non-Members

I am teaming up with my dear friend and fellow Yoga Teacher to offer you all a workshop on Arm Balances. We will be working through 5 different poses, exploring the foundations of each and the different transitions to help you enter and exit each pose with ease and confidence. No experience is necessary, our only request is that you come with an open mind and a light heart. Let's have a little fun!

Tickets are going fast, don't miss out!! Sign Up online at True Self https://trueself.yoga/schedule/

Sunday, May 1st 10am-12pm Athena PNW $45 Members/$50 Non-Members *minimum of 7 participants for workshop to run*

I am beyond excited for my upcoming workshop and partnership with Athena PNW. I will be offering an in-person workshop on Menstrual Cycle Awareness. This is a passion project of mine and I hope to see you there. Share this with you friends and family! Share with your daughters and nieces-imagine if we all learned at a young age how to harmonize our hormones, track our cycle, and move through our days with awareness and intention? Together we can stop the stigma and shame around Menstruation. Sign Up


My Lunar Alignment Program is LIVE!!

This is a 6month self-paced online learning program. Included in the program is 4 one to one coaching sessions with me, journaling prompts, weekly activities, and a workbook to help guide you through each different phase. This is a great program if you do not, or no longer Menstruate or if alignment with the moon is of interest to you. Working with the moon and Mother Nature is truly powerful and I promise you will finish this program wondering why it took you so long to bring this awareness into your life. You can begin at anytime! Please note: this is a gender-neutral program and is open to EVERYONE! Sign Up

https://www.olympiaintegrativehealing.com/challenges Past Events:

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of taking part in the Oly Girl's Brunchin. It was a fabulous event full of local women owned businesses, with the one girl to empower each other to grow. The theme of the day was centered around releasing stigmas, ensuring accessibility to wellness and showcasing the amazing talent within our community. Thank you for all the took part, all that shared and all that supported.

Upcoming Excitement!! Next week I will be speaking at a local University. I have been asked to talk with the current nursing students about the different options available to nurses in today's workforce-meaning the hospital is not our 'only' choice. To be asked to speak to their entire nursing program about my career path is an honor! This summer I will be presenting my Menstrual Cycle Awareness workshop at a girls camp centered around the importance of empowerment, education, and awareness. Reaching girls at this age is powerful and it is truly an honor for me. Reach out to me via email or text: olympiaintegrativehealing@gmail.com (650) 741-0622