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Spring Awakening: Cultivating Aparigraha and Letting Go

As I settle into one of my favorite spots - my glassed-in porch that always warms with the sun - on this beautiful day of sunshine, with only a scattering of clouds, I find comfort rarely experienced during the cold, dark, and rainy seasons here in the PNW.

Intentionally late in writing about the 5th Yama, Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness, I realized that finding the right words required patience, much like the gradual emergence of spring. There's a profound reason behind the tradition of "Spring Cleaning." It's a time to let go, unravel, and create space for the abundance that awaits us.

March heralds the return of light, the sun, and the melody of birds chirping—a perfect season for practicing Aparigraha.

During my preparations for the Full Moon ceremony, I came across the significance of the March Full Moon, commonly referred to as The Worm Moon. As the soil begins to thaw, dormant worms awaken, revitalized and eager to nourish themselves. This natural phenomenon mirrors the essence of spring, encouraging us to cast off old layers, revive dormant dreams, and plant the seeds of fresh beginnings.

However, clinging to possessions and accumulating material goods will only clutter our lives, obscuring our vision of what truly matters. This season calls for patience and mindfulness, much like the silent growth of seeds beneath the surface. While the visible signs may initially be subtle, the inner work is profound and transformative.

In the coming week, I encourage you to embark on a journey of self-reflection. Ask yourself,

"What do I want to carry forward? What no longer serves me?"

Embrace nature as your guide, allowing its wisdom to enliven your senses. Dedicate time to yoga, letting each posture release stagnant energy, unblock emotions, and alleviate pain. Embrace moments of silence, where your breath becomes your only companion.

Inhale the energy of the earth and exhale what no longer resonates with your present self.

Aparigraha, to me, translates into freeing myself from limiting beliefs.

This week, by offering to sub yoga classes that lie beyond my usual routine and even comfort zone, I'm welcoming in new connections and experiences. This signifies the conclusion of my winter hibernation and heralds the start of my season of reawakening.

The Phases of the Moon and the Shifts of the Seasons

Are a Time for us to Realign.

Lisa Ostler


Student of Ayurveda


Spring Offering:

Simplicity Unraveled: The Yogic Path to Inner Harmony

  • A 10 day adventure to help you cultivate simplicity and declutter your life. 10 days of simple, clean Vinyasa Yoga (20 min sequence each day), Pranayama, plus a daily task to help you create space to breathe, to move, and to be.

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