Integrative Nurse Coaches in Action!

Updated: Nov 16

For your Listening Pleasure

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for the Integrative Nurse Coaches in Action podcast.

We chatted about all things Nursing, Nurse Coaching, Healthcare today and what my hopes and dreams are for the future of nursing.

I even opened the door into my history, the path I took to get here, and where I dream of going.

I would love for you all to take a listen.

Nursing and Sacred Medicine

I recently graduated with a certificate in Nursing and Sacred Medicine: Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy. This is an area that is gaining more and more recognition throughout the United States, as more people realize the benefits of natural medicine in mental health, addiction, and increased emotional wellbeing.

Nurses are essential in this area of mental wellbeing and will find ease in providing care for clients' in a psychedelic state. Nurses make up the largest number of caregivers in a healthcare setting, we spend the most amount of time caring for clients, and we lead the nation in ratings for being the most trusted profession for the past 20 years.

Our current healthcare system is broken and the "one size fits all" is a size that has never and will never exist. It is time for nurses to create a little disruption, to advocate for change, and promote the importance of care from a holistic lens.

New Client Openings

I have openings available for new clients-something I haven't been able to say this year. I am excited to offer Functional Medicine health and wellness coaching to you.

Space is limited.

The areas I specialize in:

  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness

  • Hormone Health

  • Stress Reduction

  • Nutrition

  • Body and Mind Alignment through the practice of Yoga

All of the above are client centered, client focused, and geared by the client.

No prescriptions, no lab draws-just you, your story, and your goals!

With Gratitude

Lisa Ostler RN-BSN, NC-BC, RYT