Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

It is time to plant the seed of awareness.

Awareness of who you really are.

Tap into your cycle.

Everything in nature has a season, a phase and so do YOU!

Learn to maneuver life by aligning with your internal seasons.

I am an Integrative Nurse Coach and my primary focus is helping you bring more awareness to your menstrual cycle.

Together we will map out your cycle.

You will learn your different seasons and how you can be your best self in each season.

By mapping out your cycle, you will learn the best time to set meetings, the best time to rest, and the best time for creativity.

I offer a brave space to share and grow.

This is a process that I am passionate about. A process that I have benefited from.

A process that I want to share with you.

For too many years, we have allowed the patriarchal system, that is Western medicine, to dictate how we should feel, how we should flow, and how we should grow.

I am offering you the chance to let that go and start fresh and from a unique beginning, as you are UNIQUE!

Message me and let’s begin.

I believe in accessible wellness and that EVERYONE has the right to

Live their Life in Wellness