What is a Nurse Coach?

Nurse Coaching integrates a holistic approach to help YOU find the tools and goals to transform a life of illness and stress into a life of health and wellness.

I will incorporate Motivational Interviewing, SMART goals and listening with HEART to help empower you.

The healthcare system of today lacks the time that clients’ need and deserve.

I want to give you that time.

I will help you move away from a life focused on dis-ease, whether it be a diagnosis of obesity, chronic lung disease, type II diabetes, hormonal imbalances, or finding the time you deserve to be more active, eat healthier, and/or decrease the stress in your life, I will help you.

The International Nurse Coach Association website states:

“Nurse Coaching is grounded in the principles and core values of professional nursing. Nurse Coaches speak both the language of Medicine and Healing,” (https//inursecoach.com).

Incorporating me, as your Nurse Coach into your wellness plan will give you access to a Registered Nurse, with over 20 years of experience. Access that is outside of the confines of a hospital or clinic-this will truly be a unique and groundbreaking experience.

Together we will work to align your body, mind and spirit and help you find the tools to

"Live a Life in Wellness"

I offer many different avenues of coaching

  • Menstrual Cycle Coach

  • Healthcare Navigation Coach

  • Nutrition Coach

  • Lifestyle Coach

  • please see additional blog posts to further explain each area.

  • for questions, please email me directly at olympiaintegrativehealing@gmail.com.

I truly look forward to working with you.

Please clink the link above for prices and packages, or email me and we can create a package geared to your personal needs.

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