Regularly practicing yoga has countless advantages, from mind, body and breath awareness, self care and community care, to the balancing of opposites. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what fits your schedule and lifestyle.
My classes at True Self Yoga, on the westside of Olympia, can be booked through the MindBody app.
My classes at Olympia Yoga Sanctuary, located on the eastside of Olympia, can be booked through here-please note if you book a class package, you do not need to sign up here every week.  I will check you in, upon your arrival-the class package does not expire.
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Yoga Is Self Care

Olympia Integrative Healing has teamed up with a local Yoga Studios in Olympia, WA to offer you a place to not only move your body, but unwind your mind.
Sunrise Fusion is a heated (95o) invigorating flow that will begin your day with awareness, a sense of joy and a balance of mind and body.
Flow is where you will create your own inner heat, explore your personal edge, and let go when needed. It is about you learning to move with your own intention.  I offer up different themes, read quotes and above all else encourage the freedom of movement and the ease of laughter in all of my classes.
My hope is that you will take something-a tool, a lesson, a quote, etc off you mat and into your day.  
Yoga does not end when we roll up our mat.
See You Soon!