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About Me

Lisa is passionate about helping others find the tools to live a life in wellness. She has extensive (20+yrs) experience as a Registered Nurse. Throughout her career she has witnessed the failures of the healthcare system time and time again - both as a Flight Nurse and in the ER. This system breakdown compounded with compassion fatigue and ultimately led Lisa to seeking an alternative career path in which she could combine her nursing education and experience with her passion for holistic health and wellness.

In her research, Lisa discovered the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy's Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program and decided it was exactly what she was looking for. She passed her board certification and soon after was offered a Clinical Faculty position for the very same program.

As her passion for health and the human body grew, so did her love for Yoga. She initially came to Yoga in college to help with the stressors of Nursing School, as well as a more mindful way to move her body. Over the past 20 years Lisa has grown as a Yoga student, making her choice to become a Registered Yoga Teacher both natural and easy.

Since graduating from YTT at The Yoga Loft in Olympia, WA, she has immersed herself in the inner teachings of Yoga by working towards her 300h YTT with Creature Yoga (Byron Bay, AUS) in the History and Philosophy of Yoga,

The Devis (Goddesses), The Subtle Practices, and Yoga Sequencing. 

Lisa graduated from the Trauma Informed Yoga Behind Bars program in 2020, as well as the 75 hour Social Justice in Yoga Intensive with Michelle Cassandra Johnson’s Skill in Action program in 2021.

Her teachings express her deep rooted love for the Inner Wisdom, Philosophy and Roots of Yoga. Lisa has a love for learning and is forever expanding both her knowledge and experience

Lisa is the creator and instructor for the Speciality Program through the  Integrative Nurse Coaching Academy
Yoga 4 Nurses: A Holistic Approach to


A 10 week program that offers 40 CEU credits and helps nurses incorporate the teachings of Yoga into their profession to help heal their own secondary traumas and reignite their passion for healing.

Lisa is a world traveller allowing her to  experience Yoga in different corners of the world, from Croatia, to Mexico, to India, to Bali and more.

Each country and culture has gifted her wisdom to bring back home for her own practice and for her students.



Olympia Integrative Healing's Mission is to create a space for all people to feel safe and brave to speak up about their needs and wants on their own pathway to living a life in wellness.

My Offerings:

Functional Medicine



Energy Work

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Nurse Mentorship

Soon to Come: Ayurvedic Healing


Education & Certifications


Advanced Diploma Nursing: 2001

Integrative Nursing Coaching-Board Certified: 2019

Bachelors of Science in Nursing: 2020

Certificate of Emergency Nursing: 2021

Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy: 2022

Forensic Nursing (I&II): 2023

Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification: 2023​​


Yoga Teacher Training:

200 hr YTT: 2020

Trauma Informed Nursing: 2020

75hr Social Justice in Yoga: 2020

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training:

50hr Subtle Practices of Yoga: 2020

50hr Finding Grace: 2020

50hr The Unveiling: 2020

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