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Olympia Integrative Healing
Integrative Coaching, Functional Medicine, Women's Health, and Yoga

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Listen To Your Body


I've been a Registered Nurse for 20+ years.  A few years back I realized it was time to pivot my career to a more Integrative, Holistic and Wellness centered realm.
My career pivot has taken me to the role of Integrative Nurse Health Coach.  I have a  passion for guiding and encouraging clients to reach their goals.
My passion is educating people on Menstrual Cycle Health, all while cultivating awareness around their cycle.  Within this process you will learn to connect each phase to a season or to a phase of the moon.

I am a Clinical Faculty member at the International Nurse Coach Academy.  Through this role I am given the opportunity to help nurses find a new pathway for their nursing career.

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I am a Yoga Teacher in Olympia, WA.  My passion as a teacher, is to help students bring the tools, the philosophy, and the stories of Yoga, off their mat and into their life.
I intertwine the subtle practices of Yoga with the physical practice of Yoga, in a way that is accessible for all.